Awards Season For the Search Engine Marketing Industry

If you follow any SEO folks on Twitter then you know that it’s the search industry’s awards and conference season.  Here are some typical post about all the happenings.

Some of this stuff is useful, some is not.  A lot of folks like to tweet about what the top brass at Google is saying about search.

Be real careful wasting anytime paying attention to that stuff.

Google is just like a human.  Don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do.

If a fat person is telling you all about their diet and how much they work out, and they are telling you what you should and should not eat.  Well, what the heck do you think about that?  I think they do not know what the heck they are talking about.

Or they are just plain lying.

Either way, I am just going to ignore what they say.

I will only pay attention to what they do.  And I will see that they sit on the couch a lot.  They use a Pelaton stationary bike for twenty minutes and call that a “workout” and they buy “healthy” food like Belvita gluten free, fat free whole grain cookies.

That is not a healthy person.

I take all this SEO conference stuff the same way.  I’m not going to pay attention to what Google or some speaker says.  No.  I’m going to put up a bunch of websites and test what works.  I’m going to learn from experience.

And that’s how I know how to make a website go to the top of Google searches.  From testing my own stuff and seeing what works and what doesn’t.

This is what works for me and the most successful SEO’s out there.  You build your own stuff and build up your own data.

For everyone that can’t do that, they can go to fancy conferences and hope that Google will one day decide to love their website and move it to the top of valuable searches.